Reliable reports simplify mortgage management.

To manage a mortgage department effectively, you have to rely on the accuracy and completeness of your reports. You need to know exactly what is in your pipeline and the status of each loan in order to run a tight ship. Then, there is the required government reporting that must be done at the end of each year. To relieve the pressure and excess work required to maintain your reports, VARRIS provides two perfect solutions for taking care of all your reporting needs.

Pipeline Reports

Available 24/7 online by logging into your MORACCESS web site. The pipeline report gives you the terms and status of every loan in your pipeline report. It gives you an active pipeline report, as well as pipeline history reports. Get an overview with summary reports and bar charts or drill down into each file for more details.

HMDA | The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

Reports are not something most lenders look forward to completing. VARRIS maintains the data and submits the reports on your behalf each year

For once, you’ll say HMDA reporting is easy!