The Loan Application Process

  1. You may pre-qualify online using our 1-Minute Pre-Qualifier and/or contact a Mortgage Advisor for assistance.
  2. Complete an Online Application or print out an application using our Printable Forms .
  3. Submit the Online Application or Print and Fax (or email) it along with the documentation on our Checklist.
  4. Your loan application will be pre-qualified by one of our Mortgage Advisors and then processed in our office. It may be necessary to submit additional documentation during this process.
  5. Your completed loan package will be underwritten for pre-approval.
  6. An underwriting decision will be issued on your loan. Once a loan is approved there may be conditions to satisfy prior to closing your loan.  You may check your Loan Status online throughout the process.
  7. Our email notification system will keep you informed of pertinent changes to your Loan Status .
  8. You may lock in your interest rate at any time during the process by contacting your Mortgage Advisor. Your Mortgage Advisor is available to discuss lock-in periods. You must order and pay for your appraisal by the time the rate is locked.
  9. Once all underwriting conditions have been satisfied and your interest rate is locked in, a copy of the completed loan package will be submitted to your credit union's loan committee. The loan committee will sign off on the loan approval and determine if the loan is to be kept in the portfolio or sold to a secondary investor.
  10. VARRIS Mortgage Solutions will then prepare your loan for closing. We will draw the legal documents. Your Mortgage Advisor will assist you in coordinating the signing with the escrow company (or attorney) and guide you through the closing process.