Credit Union Clients

  • Having VARRIS as a partner since 2010 has resulted in the most productive and successful years of my 25 in credit union lending. Their depth of knowledge and experience gives me great confidence in our mortgage program. VARRIS makes it easy for our members to apply, be underwritten and approved for mortgage loans, and this has dramatically improved our bottom line and loan production. Hands down, I would recommend VARRIS Mortgage Solutions to any credit union.

    Marina Koujamanian
    Vice President, Lending
    Technicolor Federal Credit Union 

    ~ Marina Koujamanian

  • We determined that an in-house mortgage department didn’t make sense for us. Why reinvent the wheel when VARRIS Mortgage Solutions has the expertise and access to the products necessary to handle the unique needs of our diverse membership. VARRIS’ excellent service to our members helped us increase our quality rating and positioned us as our members’ primary financial institution. We could not have put together a better mortgage department ourselves.

    Alfred Dutra (Retired)

    ~ Alfred Dutra

Credit Union Members

  • Thanks to VARRIS Mortgage Solutions, I was able to get my home refinance closed on time at the lowest rate I could find anywhere. I am extremely happy with the service I received. My loan consultant was patient and worked hard to get me a great loan.

    ~ Armen Avedissian

  • My daughter and I are delighted that VARRIS made our home purchase a reality. As a working single parent I have enough to think about without having to worry about the details of a home loan. I slept great at night knowing the team at VARRIS Mortgage Solutions was taking care of my loan.

    ~ Tamara Taylor-Leigh

  • I'm very happy with the refinance loan I got from VARRIS. I got the lowest interest rate I could find anywhere and the service was excellent. I'll go back to them in an instant if I ever need another mortgage.

    ~ Lisa Denke-Littman

  • My husband and I did our homework and found the best deal at VARRIS. Not only did we get a low rate but, the people at VARRIS were very informative and personable. They treated us with care, not like another number. We're very satisfied.

    ~ Liza Owen

  • Refinancing my mortgage has never been more delightful than the great experience I had with VARRIS. The service was expert and the process was swift and painless. Most importantly, I got a very low rate. Now, that put a smile on my face! I recommend that all of my colleagues use this outstanding service.

    ~ Donna Leavy

  • I highly recommend my colleagues to consider the services of VARRIS Mortgage Solutions. From beginning to end everything was seamless and worked like clockwork. The loan representatives were always patient, cordial and responsive to our endless questions and queries. I was delighted to find there were no surprises at the time of closing due to the One Lender Fee program.

    ~ Raja Sethuraman